~What’s Going Here~

Okay now really try to control the jealousy because of all the fabulous things going on here. My only thoughts that cheer me over the past rough few weeks is that things must be moving in our adoption and Satan isn’t liking it.

So Camye went on a fabulous
Cruise with her grandma and grandpa … As soon as I get a moment of free time I will upload her pictures.
I am so thankful she is back!! Wow how i missed her!!:) don’t you love our unpacking mess!!

This I love… Paul writing stories phonetically. So adorable!! Until mommy has to read them but honestly has no clue what they say!!!

Be afraid … Very afraid. I am.

A new Easter dress for Mia…. And maybe a matching one for Avah.:) not for Easter but later for matching church dresses.

Aww the randomness of Mia’s picture taking, which she is so proud of.

Sleepy sleepy mommy and Mia.

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