~Freezer Slow Cooking~

Pinterest is awesome! If you don’t have an account..every woman needs a pinterest account. I have tried so many new recipes and LOVED them all.

I have been pinning several different pins lately that are of peoples freezers and freezer cooking. What really interests me, is they are using their crock pots. They are opening their freezer bag and dumping the contents straight into the crock pot..no prep..no opening cans..no cutting vegetables…no touching raw meat….no mess, just open and dump! I love it!!

I cant tell you how much time I don’t have. And what time I do have….honestly I don’t want to spend in the kitchen. I want to spend it homeschooling my kids in the mornings, napping with Mia in the afternoon….oh wait who am I kidding? That is what I like to do when we aren’t running to church, puppet practice, grocery shopping, 4H, 3 dance classes, music lessons, errands…but when supper time hit and I hear what’s for supper? I cringe….oh why didn’t I throw something in the crock pot this morning.

My husband is wonderful when it comes to this. He will get carry out..pizza..or fix supper for all of us. He NEVER complains.

So I think my problem is that I am out of the habit of fixing dinner, meal planning, organizing, planning grocery shopping or whatever. But I am determined to get my groove back. I love to menu plan….its my thing. It’s my job!!

So I decided to prepare 18 meals for my freezer that can be dumped into my crock pot for an easy meal. Because I need easy lately….I wont use these everyday but when I can’t wrap my brain around dinner…this is my back up.

Now…everyone has been asking me to post the recipes…however I chose meals that I don’t use a recipe for…meaning I don’t have the recipe written down. The recipe is only in my head.

Below is the picture..a terrible picture…but a picture of all 18 meals.

Here is what I fixed:
2 Chili’s
2 Taco Meat
4 Spaghetti Sauce (whip up lasagna or spaghetti in no time)
2 Roast, potatoes and carrots
3 Italian chicken breasts
3 chicken noodle soups
2 chicken alfredo

Okay…now recipes. I always use my moms chili recipe…its in my head. Lasagna….come on…EASY peasy…really. The chicken noodle soup is complete except for the noodles.

Now I don’t really like raw meat…the only thing different I did was not add the raw meat with the veggies. I kept it in a separate bag. Lots of websites say it is not a problem, but I just could not do it. Just me…I am a food snob…always have been ….always will…:- /

Did I cover it all? I think so…feel free to ask any questions. And please don’t pin this horrendous picture!!! 🙂

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