I know…exactly what you are thinking.
And yes ..she is this beautiful!!
And yes..she looks 7 or 8 years old.
And she is only 4 years old.
We recently received an update from our fabulous K*rea Agency, SWS. This update included 2 pictures and about 15 minutes of video. Of course, about 12 minutes of this is her coloring…;) but she does play with a little computer, calls to her friend SeungJoo from the other room, sings on the top of her lungs, dances, jumps and acts like a horse, pig and a cow!! it is sooo adorable and I have watched it like 100 times and will probably watch it another 100 times.
I have received many questions lately about our adoption. I am going to answer a few.
1. Why did it it take 6 months for you to start your paperwork?
Our US agency has a rule that you must finish and finalize one adoption before starting another. It is a good rule and completely understand their reasoning. After Avah, comes home I will NOT look at Waiting Children lists until she is finalized.:)
2. Why is Avah’s adoption going to take longer than Mia’s if she is older and has more needs?
The K*rean government has temporarily stopped issuing all exit permits and has since last June. Without getting into this on a public blog, K*rea would like to stop adopt international adoption eventually, but I can only imagine this is every countries goal. This has been their goal for over 50 years. So they have been downsizing their international programs, which has slowed every thing down. She will come home…it just may not be in the 7 weeks it took Mia to come home. I don’t for see her waiting for a long period of time and hope she will be home this summer.
3. Am I crazy?
4. How many kids are we going to adopt?
As many as God puts in our heart, it isn’t easy, cheap or even fun to wait and agonize over what is happening with your child in another country under the care of someone you do not know. But I can not NOT adopt because it isn’t easy. 

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