~Tot School~

The big kids are gone this week and I am left with my 2 little sweeties at home! We are missing them terribly. But decided to get busy getting our homeschool ready. One new fabulous issue we are dealing with this year is a little preschooler, so we must have things ready to keep her busy and I don’t allow the TV on during school ours, so that is an out. I have made some fabulous new friends through this adoption process that have fantastic ideas. Something I have learned from them is Tot School. Basically, not just providing them with learning toys but being INTENTIONAL with them doing it. How many learning toys do we have at the bottom of our toy boxes that never get played with? Well we are intentionally playing with these toys. I have come up with about 15 different activities that we will alternate throughout the weeks and intentionally put them on a ‘Tot Tray’ during school hours for her to do.:)

Here is one of the activities that she had to get started on immediatly. And of course my little social butterfly is always ready for a picture!!! She is matching little foam shapes to the coordinating colored page. Here is my little ‘tot’….sorting her little colored bears into colored cups. Her hair is pulled up….not cut!;) Couldnt cut those curls!:)

Tot Trays Blog to follow…onto to older homeschool planning.:)

3 thoughts on “~Tot School~

  1. Oh how cute, I so miss that age! and "pre-school" school :)I used to have dry rice in a shallow container that the boys would "draw" with their finger, shapes and letters. This was especially good for Collin who for some reason thought pencil and paper = torture lol

  2. Yes, homeschool gets interesting with little ones! πŸ™‚ I am running a one room school house. lol I love the pictures of her doing the activities. We are trying to get our situation all figured out this year too. The time is just around the corner!

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