~Chloe Turns 15~

July 11th, 1996, I became a mother to one of the most beautiful baby girls in the world. She is a wonderful,christian, loving, sweet, compassionate and beautiful daughter. She was an awesome baby and is an awesome teenager!! I know that I have 3 very short years until she is 18.. 18!!!! OH be still my heart… She decided she just wanted a family party because next year she is wanting a massive Sweet 16 birthday party ! She invited her Gran to come and stay for a few nights and she had her best friend Kianna stay all night too.I am thinking luau themed party for her 16th will be fun!!!

First she wanted Pizza Hut, and we got it free because the electric went out and they couldnt run debit card.

As soon as Chloe’s family party, Paul ran and wrapped up his Nerf gun in her blanket and brought it to her as her first present to open! She loved it and the wrapping paper, she said!

Chloe and Mia..who sang Happy Birthday in Korean to her big sister!!! It was so adorable!1

Chloe got lots of pretty clothes and jewerly. She was wanting money for her mission trip to Mexico.

Our family picture!!!!

2 thoughts on “~Chloe Turns 15~

  1. It just seems like yesterday that I took her to Rax and sat her in the high chair and fed her a curly fry!! lol Oh where does time go? Shouldn't she still be watching Barney? You should be very proud of her. She is a wonderful young lady! Happy Birthday Chloe!!!!!!!

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