~Latest Going On’s~

So that others don’t say I am playing favorites, I will show you my Chloe’s toenails. They look so awesome! She has been babysitting and saved her money to get a manicure. Mia Grace has learned to wink!!! And it is incredibly adorable!!!

She loves the puppies!!! Actually she loves to drag them by one paw around the room, but it’s a start! She loves squealing and pretending they are chasing her!!

Oh yes and she loves pushing Penny in her shopping cart!!

I love this picture! She loves to sit in this chair and not be bothered. She sits here and listens to her Korean Kids music. It was a gift from her foster parents. She loves it!! Anyone traveling to get their babies from Korea, I strongly recommend getting some for your little ones!!

4 thoughts on “~Latest Going On’s~

  1. Wendi, Love the green toenails. My daughter will adore them. Her favorite color is green! She was the one with the 8 teeth pulled out, so maybe her tooth fairy money can get put towards a fun pedicure! 🙂 The Korean kids music…..does she have a CD, or is Mia listening to an ipod or something in that picture. Couldn't quite make it out. We were just talking about doing that while we were over there onling with some Korean kids DVD's.

  2. No Ipod, (although she loved carrying an ipod playing her music while in Korea!) Her Foster Mother gave her a CD-pack of kids music, and it's playing in the DVD-player near the chair she's sitting in. We also bought some Kid's DVD's while over there, but there's they won't play in our DVD player due to the different Region. We'll have to strip the region-code off and burn a new DVD before she can watch them!

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