~Mia’s First Tea Party~

Okay so I have the MOST awesome friends!! My friend Tina and Jennifer came up to my house and gave the most fabulous TEA PARTY!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! The food was very tea party-ish. The menu included: Cucumber sandwhiches, salad, potatoe soup, chicken salad on croissants, deviled eggs, fruit kabobs, sugar cookies and cupcakes. Drinks included all sorts of teas, lemonade and punch!

When I said the food was fabulous..I didn’t lie…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Tina made these adorable little butterfly cupcakes for the little girls!!

Mia had a blast!! She loves being the center of attention!!! Danielle, Myla, Mia and I…hoping the girls are as close of friends as Danielle and I are!

Logan being adorable as ever!!!

Katie and I…she is such a sweet sweet girl!

This picture brings back such great memories of my childhood. This picture could very easily be Staci, me and Jennifer. But it is Bailey, Camye and Madison…the next generation..new and improved!!;)

Mia LOVES new clothes and toys!! She is a typlical girly girl!

Great friends, The Zotolla’s got her a flashlight with her name on it!! She loves it and was trying to take pictures with it!

One of her favorite gifts…Ritz Crackers!! Thanks Miss Lori!!!

Mia and Myla jumping in circles!! They are so cute together!!

Chloe and Chloe….2 beautiful, godly girls!!

3 thoughts on “~Mia’s First Tea Party~

  1. The tea party was such a blast!!! We all fell in love with little Mia. Im glad that our girls get along so well. :)Even though they don't see each other that much they never miss a beat and pick up right where they left off!

  2. We missed you Allison!!!!Jennifer it was so awesome!! And I loved that the girls pick up right off where they left off!! We need to do something about that not getting together very often!:)

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