I600 Approval~~ PRAISE THE LORD

Oh wow!! I can’t even believe it. I had been emailing a friend who is also adopting from South Korea all morning, complaining that it had been 13 days since I had been matched with an officer, what could be taking so long? My husband had just called yesterday to see if it was and our officer bit his head off and told me she would do it when she got to it. We had no idea but this morning our officer called..yes you read that right…OUR OFFICER called us (like we are great friends) and left a message on my hubby’s phone that WE WERE APPROVED YESTERDAY!!!!

Yes, after she yelled at him… Whatever we can take the yelling, just approve us already!

As I write this and say..finally we are approved. I need to step back and look at the realization that our homestudy ONLY went to Korea on April 7th. We will have travel call probably on the 30th or 31st. That is not even 2 months.

I am so thankful Mia is with a quick agency. I am so thankful this has went so quickly. I am so thankful for a debt free adoption. I am so thankful.

We are officially waiting for Travel Call. On Friday I will called the National Visa Center (NVC) to see if they have recieved our paperwork yet and if has been sent to Korea.

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