Freezer Cooking DECISION!!

Okay Since I am going to Korea in like 12 days or so, with our crazy life at the moment. Fixing dinner has not been happening! Sooo…supper must be happening in my house and soon! I can’t afford to eat out and its not healthy!!

Sooo..I have a plan for Monday. Here it is:
1. 4 lasagnas
2. 3x’s of chimichangas
3. 3x’s sassy sloppy joes
4. 3x’s meatballs
5. 3x’s spaghetti sauce
6. 3 meatloaves
7. 3 Cheddar Chicken Bakes
8. 3 Chicken and Bows
9. 3 Tex Mex Chicken Starters
10. 5 Chicken Pot Pies
11. 3 Marinating Chicken for grilling
12. 30 hamburger patties

I think I can …I think I can…..!!!:)

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