~Mia Grace’s Timeline~

Yes I started this blog on December 24th….I wanted to keep track of everything on the day it happened. First, we started talking about adopting as soon as we got married. I always have said that IF God wanted us to adopt I felt that he would present it to me. After going to the City of Children in the summer of 2010 I knew we needed to adopt. Funny thing is I didnt want to say I wanted too unless Kenny wanted too, and I didnt want him to say we could just because I said we could. Soooo….I waited and hoped he would say something. On December 1st, 2010, we got a 12 passenger van. I looked at Kenny and said okay we can adopt now, we have space in the car for more kids!! He said, “Is that all it took for you to decide to adopt? We could have bought a new van a long time ago!!”

Here is our timeline:

12/1/2010- Decided to go for it.

12/7- Mailed in application

12/7- Mailed in HomeStudy paper work and made request for all paperwork to be sent to us.

12/7- Fingerprinted

12/20- Saw Heimee Lee’s picture and knew she was the one. Requested her file.

12/23- Our 3 references recieved their requests to write a character reference about us 12/24- We recieved our Childline and Abuse Forms and of course do not have any record. This said it would take 4-6 weeks.

12/27- recieved our Child Abuse History clearance certificates for Kenny, Chloe and myself. Because we had someone living in our house over age 14, she needed a clearance as well. 1/17- Medical Exam ( I scheduled these in December) They called and cancelled.

1/18- Called and kind of threw a small fit to get into see the doctor. 1/18- Pass Medical Exams…Faxed in…

1/20- Requested Heimee Lee’s file…AGAIN.. turned down.

1/28- First Home Study Visit..went fabulous and our social worker who is fabulous told us to expect 4 months!! Yikes!!

1/30- Second Home Study Visit- PREAPPROVED

2/7- BEGGED for Heimee Lee’s File..turned down.

2/21- Home Study to CHSFS….hoping for a file …of our waiting child!!

2/21- We have Heimee Lee’s file!!! And she is beautiful and exquisite and smart and we know she is our daughter.

2/22- Try to say yes!! We want this little girl!!!

3/8- We are being told that they want us to wait for one more medical file….before they will accept our YES!! It could take a couple of weeks…grrr…

3/9- Emailed our SW, Peg and explained my feelings on a few things. She said that she told the Korean SW’s and Heimee’s foster parents that she has a family for little Heimee and the mother is very persistant..Hmm..who would have thought???

4/4- I600A form was recieved by USCIS

4/5- Fedex delivered the REFERRAL PAPERWORK!!

4/5- We overnighted everything signed and notarized. For anyone wanting to know details on the actual paperwork…and we paid in full today. EEK! 🙂

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