25 inches of snow and it is still snowing…

I thought about just making this a Wordless Wednesday post. BUT I am Wordy Wendi…so that would never happen. Here we are the morning after the 20 inches fell over night!!! GORGEOUS!! This is us walking in our driveway! This is one of those panaramic views..(I think it is what it is called). Sorry I had to shrink it to get to load on here.

Paul dug himself out a little seat..:) Since he couldn’t walk in it very well with out losing a boot or two!!

GORGEOUS!!! I just love this beautiful site!!

We had to dig out a little path for the dogs. SInce they are only 9 inches or so tall, there first step buried them. Whenever I can get out of my house, I will post the video of the dogs first attempt in the snow.

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