First Big Snowfall of 2010

My husband’s northeastern dream has come true!! Our first real snow storm since we moved back!!! We have 20 inches +. It is still snowing!! But the good news is we have electric!!! I just pray that our electric stays on.

Paul had the hardest time standing up!! Since it came to his waist!
We built this 3 balled snowman last night!! See the Carrot nose…only over night …our snowman grew another head!! And the bottom became buried!!! Crazy!!

Camye and Paul trying to sled..not too successful!!

Cutey pie Blake!!!! This morning our view was breathtaking..I even teared up!! What a winter wonderland!

Our railing!!!! WOW!!!

Chloe decided to allow us to bury her with snow…didnt go so well. Dont try this at home!!:)

Posing in our front yard…in front of the kids snow fort they built last night.!! Only problem was it was only 3ft tall and 20 inches of that is now buried!!

It was still snowing when we went out this morning and actually still is!!!! Chloe was snow covered with her little Eskimo baby!!

Me and Kenny posing…we never pass up an oppurtunity to get our pic together!!

Mommy and Blake!!!

2 thoughts on “First Big Snowfall of 2010

  1. Don't forget snow cream…milk sugar or Splenda a tad vanilla you good to go!!!Have fun!!!We have nasty here sleet snow windand yucky! But we did just get rid of 10 inches this past Wed!Stay warm!

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