I want to create my own Hydoponic Garden….

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

The deep water culture method, also known as the reservoir method, is one of the easiest of all the true hydroponics growing systems. A container holds about two inches of nutrient solution. Several plant containers sit down in the nutrient solution. An aquarium air pump constantly bubbles in the nutrient solution, keeping the plants roots from drowning.

Often, small holes are made around the bottom 2 inches of the plant pots, allowing the roots to grow out into the nutrient solution. As in the example above, an effort is usually made to keep light from getting to the nutrient solution.

Wherever there is light and nutrients, algae will grow. Algae eat the nutrients you are trying to feed to your plants, and when pieces of algae die they attract fungus gnats. Fungus gnats lead to many other problems.

Because of its simple design and simple function, the reservoir method is a good choice for
homemade hydroponics. Since there are no drip or spray emitters to clog, it is also a good choice for organic hydroponics growing systems.

This system is well suited for volcanic lava chips media, or else a mixture of one part vermiculite to 5 parts expanded clay pellets. As with any hydroponics growing system, you will want to brush up on your hydroponics feeding tips before beginning.

My garden and other things..:)

Here is my garden!!! My garden is literally out of control…we have planted 4 zucchini , 5 squash, 39 tomatoe plants, 15 bell pepper plants, 30 potatoe plants, a few rows of lettuce here and there, abou 25 watermelon, 6 spaghetti squash which are now taking over the garden, 2 rows of green beans, 1 row of lima beans, 2 rows of cucmbers and 6 Sunflower plants. Unfortunatly we think we have late blite on our tomatoes…which mean they will die.:( All 39 of those..I had such great plans. And a friend just brought me 30 cantalope plants with the blooms on..which I should get in the ground today!

We also have a pumpkin patch. They may not appear very large but they are doubling every day. We are in a pumpkin growing contest. We have until OCotber 20 to turn these pumpkins into the GREATEST pumpkins of all. It is with our 4H group and there is a $500 reward for the biggest pumpkin.

And finally..my flowers have bloomed. I have a flower bed in my front yard that every plant in it came from my mom’s yard. She has a over 100 year old house and we figure as massive as her flower beds (if you could call them that are). And she doesnt usually plant anything….so she divided them and gave me some. We figured they were extremely hardy since they have came back every year since we moved there 23 years ago. Mostly different varieties of Hostas, that bloom and I dont really even know what flower this is.:)

Beetles and My Organic Garden:(

By looking at this bug..you might think…wow..kind of a neat little bug. WELL IT IS NOT!!! These are cucumber beetles and they are eating up my HUGE organic garden!! Watermelon sprouts are missing, squash plants are chewed to pieces and cucumber plants have come up missing too!!! BUT I have replanted and I will win this battle!!! I was so tempted to buy something non organic, but so far have bought Diatamatious Earth which is organic..you can eat it and that has seemed to slow them down. I also have been going out 2-3 times a day and smash them!!