Camye’s Ballet Recital

Camye’s Ballet Recital was Saturday, she did such a wonderful job. I just cant say enough about her teacher and her company. The advertisement on the front page is tired of what modern day dancing wants from your daughter!!! Yes we were!! 

Camye has always wanted to do ballet. We think she is very talented and would do great in it. But we could not find a place where she could dance and not turn into something vulgar or they want her to look like little pageant stars.

We finally found it!!! And we love it and Camye loves it!:):)

Picture above is in her free dance costume….notice all the costumes are very modest. 

Our little Cinderella, which was the theme for the recital.
At the end they had every little girls Prince Charmings give them their flowers and candy.
If you cant see…that is Camye right behind the white Cinderella!!
Most of the little girls that dance in Camye’s class are homeschooled, these are 3 other littles girls that go to our home-school co-op, Abigail Ford, Camye, Hannah Ford and Paige Barren. The red and white costumes were for Jazz class.

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