Chloe’s Advanced Speech 1 and 2

Chloe is participating in Advanced Speech for Lads to Leaders. She will be giving 18 speeches(6 different speeches) before January. We actually have each one planned out, mostly for Ladies Bible Class. Her first 2 speeches were done at our Homeschool Art and Talent Night and our Heart and Home 4h club. She did so well. I can already see the public speaker coming out in here. I am so proud of her.
I am so thankful for this program. To recieve the high school diploma in PA from the state, you must give a 5 minute speech each year of high school. After doing Advanced Speech her 8th grade year, NO problem. I think I will have the rest of my kids do this program their 8th grade year as well to prepare for high school.

I liked the pic below..Camye to the left, Blake to the right, Chloe in the middle…:):)

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