Thanksgiving Thursday

I almost forgot….Here it is…
1. I am thankful for my loving family.
2. I am thankful for my awesome deals I got at the “early” Memorial Day sale at the Tanger outlets!!
3. I am thankful for homeschooling, I am not sure where public school would fit into our schedule.
4. I am thankful for watermelons, cantalopes and honeydew melons that are all showing up on shelves near me!!!
5. I am thankful for my hubby for wanting to plan our trip to the beach in June.
6. I am thankful for my cousin Sandy for planning a Memorial Day picnic when I will be in WV.
7. I am thankful for my aunt Lori’s willingness to be set up on a blind date!!!!
8. I am thankful for skills soccer, homeschool soccer, ballet, and  4H,  but is summer here yet??!!
9. I am thankful for air conditioning..yes already.
10. I am thankful for living in the country!!! Our dogs are really bad…:):)

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thursday

  1. Where are you guys going in June? We are planning a trip to Gulf Shores in October. BUT, David and I are going to Holiday World (they have a great water park) in Indiana in a couple of weeks! Can’t wait!! The kids will be at my parents during that time.

  2. LOL!! You all are going to a water park without the kids!!!LOL!! That is funny! Kenny and I try to go to an amusement park every year, just him and me!! It is so much fun!!We are still in the early planning stages of where to go? Obviously somewhere on the East Coast. Someone recommended a really fun and family one in New JErsey… I cant remember the name of it.

  3. Yeah, David’s coworkers think we’re insane to go just us– they also don’t have kids and don’t understand how much faster you can get around an amusement park with just 2 adults. However, after riding on some of those big water rides when we went last year, some of them scared me to death… no way my kids would get on one!! I’d be stuck at the ‘splash pad’ all day if they came with us! They’ve never been on any kind of rollercoaster either.

  4. About 11 years ago, David and I went to King’s Island. Now I used to love roller coasters and we got on one there (a wooden one) and I think the top speed was 85 miles an hour. I truly thought I was going to die. Since then, I have not enjoyed roller coasters. At Holiday World, they have a coaster that has been rated #1 wooden coaster on the planet… I wouldn’t even CONSIDER riding it. I almost had a stroke just looking at it. David loves them and he went on like 3 of them by himself. We went to Cedar Point several years ago and I rode the Magnum– 200+ foot drop. I almost had a nervous breakdown on the SLOW ride to the top. Yep, I just stick to the water rides now.

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