Thanksgiving Thursday

I am thankful for….

1. My hubbys new mower…he deserves it!!
2. losing 7 pounds since Monday. I love this diet. 7 more to go.
3. getting our camp papers and seeing that I am now the head sewing teacher!! Surprise Surprise!!! Need to get planning on that.
4. Paul, who informed us he needs to go to Chuck E Cheese on this birthday because he needs to go where kids can be kids not babies. !!!! My baby doesnt want to be baby!!!
5. Paul, who informed me he knew how to read last night because he can read STOP signs. Cute.
6. our chiropractor, Camye has whiplash from our trampoline. She has been treating her weekley and its helping.
7. for our garden. We planted it on Mothers day and it is huge and we have lots of different things in it this year. 27 tomato plants, 18 pepper plants, 25 potatoe plants,12 zucchinni, 12 squash, 8 spaghetti squash, lima beans, green beans, corn, lettuce, sunflowers, cucumbers, watermelons, cantalope
8. the farmers market…which opens today!!!! I love doing most of my grocery shopping there. Keeps us eating healthier.
9. school being over…we have been relaxing all day long this week. As soon as soccer and ballet are over…summer is here..
10. Camye who says she is teaching Paul to read this summer!!!

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