Okay someone else turned 32 …

….so my kids check out my blog every once in awhile and noticed that I had only blogged their dad’s birthday.

Yes I turned 32 on Mothers day!! It was such a wonderful day!! My husband and kids sure know how to pamper their mother. It was a great day!!!:):) And spoil her…the gifts this year were out of this world!! Thanks kiddos and your wonderful Daddy!!

4 thoughts on “Okay someone else turned 32 …

  1. Now I have to know what you got!? For Mother’s Day (and YES, I asked for one) I got a non-motorized lawn mower of my very own! I refuse to push a mower and have things thrown back at me, my hearing destroyed, and gas fumes in my face. This way I get to excercise, save the environment, and cut down on noise pollution! 🙂

  2. LOL!! Well..you really want to know. I dont want to seem like I am bragging. Remember it was my birthday and Mothers day. I got a ring, devotion book, Starbucks giftcard, Panera Bread giftcard, Dress Barn gift card, new shirt, Tomato plant with 6 herbs planted around it, a hanging basket, A mothers day balloon. But I have to say all these things were great but Kenny had me lay around all afternoon while they got ready. They cooked me my favorite double chocolate cake. He hung my hummingbird feeder, I have had for a few weeks. He fixed supper. We did as a family plant our enormous garden (which I have been wanting to do for a long time)!! It was a wonderful day:):)

  3. That is a neat sounding mower. Kenny just bought a mower, which I will blog about. And it has an awesome engine!! So I hear..LOL!!Thats great you mow..I refuse to push any mower.LOL!! Not really I have mowed in the past but with all our hills, Kenny has taken it over.

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