Homeschool Art and Talent Night 2009

OK so there is something wrong with me or the camera. And we never remember to fix it until the moment of something we need to take pictures of something that is happening…so I probably shouldnt even blog these pics. I am sure that it is a setting on the camera.  At least I have my friends Staceys pics for the scrapbooks.:)
Camyes class performed with their Recorder class. Lynn Grabiak was very brave this past semester and taught a Recorder class for the 2nd – 3rd graders. She also sang a weather song to go along with their Weather class that Christine Bridge taught last semester. Thanks Lynne and Christine!!

Chloe is working on Advanced Speech for Lads to Leaders. She gave a How to Speech last night. I thought this would really help with her self confidence in public speaking. This was her first speech of 18 (6 different speeches). She has 2 speeches in May, 2 in June, 3 in July and 3 in August. That is all we have planned for now. I couldnt believe the difference in her self confidence this time. She did great!! Way to go Chloe!!! I do hope to get each of my kids to participate at least one time in this event. Of course and it all counts for school!!!!! :):)

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Art and Talent Night 2009

  1. Hey Wendi! We, ourselves, are on our way to Benjamin’s school tonight for his Night of the Arts and the 4th grade will be putting on a Recorder performance! Ok, it kind of hurts my ears when he practices at home in the same room as me… I can’t imagine what it’s going to sound like when 65 of them are playing all at once!! AGH!

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