Fun Weekend in WV…

So I am a little behind on blogging…but I am going to try and play catch up for awhile. Last weekend we spent Friday- Monday at my parents in West Virginia. Visiting the usual, Mamaw Wells, Mamaw and Papaw Buck, my brothers and of course my wonderful parents…but my cousin Stephanie, her 2 kiddos Parker and Kinlee and my aunt Jo were visiting!! So we had lots of fun!!!!

Paul with a very dirty mac-n-cheese face!!!

Parker and Blake are exactly one month apart, they get along great!!! They had a sleepover on Sunday night that turned into a “no” sleep over…I guess that would be an “over”.
They both crashed for several hours the next day, this is where they slept.  They made a fort under my moms dining room table, the same place my 2 brothers and I used to make forts.
Kinlee and Camye are 11 months apart and they get along great!!!!!! It is always fun to have a cousin your age.:)
The kids love to be at my parents. They can get online with high speed internet. Webkinz will load occasionally but it is really a pain. Once in awhile they  do get one, but not as often. My hubby is working with Verizon so it will be available here..soon. I hope.:)

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