Thanksgiving Thursday

1 For Wednesday night bible study, last night Chloe did great on her speech, Chloe and Camye led their praise song in ladies class and we even squeezed in 2 puppet shows in my 6th-7th grade class (we are preparing for our J.A.M class on Sunday morning.

2. For the wonderful weekend we had with my cousin Stephanie (check her blog..I dont know how to put her link under her name, but she is the only other blonde on this page), my aunt JO, and 2 little cousins Parker and Kinlee. My kids had a great time and so did I. It is always so much fun to catch with them. Even though I think with our blogs, we knew so much more about each other this time, which just made for better conversation. My kids had a blast!!!

3. For spring, the days have been filled with spring activity this week. Kenny was able to get the garden tilled, and potatoes in. I hope to get some flowers planted today.

4. Lists!! Oh yes, my lists. My favorite thing to do. I must get it from my dad, when I was little I remember seeing his list in his handwriting with his check marks beside what he had accomplished. Strange I can remember that.:) He has the best handwriting.

5. The homeschooling conference ….it is Saturday. I am selling a ton of curriculum and hope to get everything we need for next year!!

6. My hubby and his hobbies:)

7. Our egg customers, I am very very thankful for our egg customers, just very very sad that I dont have enough and people are getting upset with me. I am not sure if people realize this…you can still buy organic eggs at the store…

8. Tammie Bairon- we co-teach 6th-8th grade history at co-op. It has been her turn for 3 weeks…and I am loving it!!! My turn is next week though.

9. My stocked fridge, I know alot of people are hurting right now because of the economy. If I knew of any I would invite them over, my fridge is overstocked at the moment.

10. I know I say this every week..but my mom. She is the most wonderful woman I know.:)

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thursday

  1. I’m so sorry that your egg customers are unhappy with your chicken’s current egg output. It’s not like it’s a product that you can control or just make more of to meet demand. I suppose you could make a run to the store and buy some organic eggs to resell to the cranky customers. Either that or buy a few hundred more chickens, stick them in little cages and force feed them so they lay more. Hmmm… not!

  2. LOL!! I know what you mean. I am thinking of raising my price. I charge $2.00 for free range and organic eggs…thats great. They are $4 at the store. I am thinking $2.50 might slow them down a little bit.

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