Daddy’s little Helper

We all have been working on our maple sugaring project lately, including the baby. He ran outside one morning to  help his dad…in his adorable little duckie jammies. I didnt bother to dress him, I just chased him with the camera.

They were collecting wood for the open fire we cooked our first batch of Maple Syrup on. It was really neat. Funny thing was, we were signed up for the Mingo Park Homeschool class on Maple Sugaring last Thursday, only we couldnt leave the house because we were tending to our own.LOL!! shadow.

Sorry photographing friends…the sun was so bright. I hadnt a clue where to stand..and I didnt want to miss my shot.:):)

Such a sweetheart..always stopping to pose with Mommy.

BTW…we have tons and TONS of Maple Syrup!! I love it!!!

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s little Helper

  1. I love the “love to help” stage. I can’t go into the kitchen these days with out my 4 year-old daughter saying, “What are WE going to make?”Enjoy your syrup! That is so awesome.

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