Our Cruise!!!

This was such an awesome trip !!! We had such a great time together!!! We plan on doing this again and again…..
We went accursion…called the Clear Kayak Adventure. We Kayaked in glass bottemed boats..then we came for a snorkel…which didnt work out so well for me. I was a nervous wreck and only lasted about 10 seconds in the water. 

2 thoughts on “Our Cruise!!!

  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my post. We do not do Good Samaritan – haven’t gotten into that one yet. We try to add something each year of L2L, so that may be next….you all do it, don’t you?? Do you know when you are coming to Mamaw’s yet?? I hope you’ll get to come while we’re there – the kids are DYING to see your crew…

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