Treating sickness ..a little differently.

When I was at the hospital with Paul and was answering questions for the nurse. One of the questions was is he allergic to any medicine? I said, “I dont know he has never been on any.” She stopped and looked up at me and said, “I mean like penicillian or anything.” I said, “I really dont know because he has never had any medications other than Tylenol and Benadryl.” She said, “you are kidding you should write a book.”

Well I assure I should not write a book because anything I have ever done is only because someone ELSE has told me about it.
First of all, 4 years ago we were sick all the time on antibiotics at least once every other month. We werent getting better. We were basically causing it to go away with the meds but not geting to the root of the problem, which was only causing it to come back.  Well I started asking around…almost all my friends who were mothers and had several kids (so they had been around awhile longer than I) told me they never took the kids to the doctor for earaches, they took them to the chiropracter!!! WHAT?? Okay…why didnt anyone tell me this 8 years ago??
The chiropractor told me that an ear ache isnt an infection it is caused when the ears cant drain properly. Things are swollen or out of alignment. If you let it go to long then it can become an infection.

So now here is what we do…

1. As soon as one of the kids gets any sort of mucous going…whether that be nose, throat or ear..we immedialty stop all dairy. Dairy is very mucous forming.
2. We make an appointment with the chiropractor. Look for a good one, look for one that treats whole body. If you call and make an appt and they dont know what “whole body” means.. Go somewhere else.
3. This morning Camye has an fault she was getting sick last Thursday and I should have taken her into the chiro and didnt. She even said to me at 4am this morning I told you I need to see Dr Clemente (our chiro). Anyway..she is in total pain this morning. So I put some TEI-FU (health food store)(essentail oils). These oils help open up the passageway, so things can get moving in the ear.
4. The chiro showed me a spot to rub about 4 inches below the ear lobe..that is where the drainage cant get thru. I rubbed some icy hot on that. And amazingly enough, there is ALWAYS a huge pressure point there. 
5. Tylenol if they are in major pain. 
She is sleeping peacefully now.
Within 3 days they are fine again. This is just my expereience and experience of others I learned it from.

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