Thankful Thursday!!!

Okay here goes…:):)

1. Valentines Day- Kenny is always does something extra special. I always have such a hard time coming up with something that will even match his thoughtfulness. Any ideas?? Please comment.:)
2. Valentines- Okay this is kind of a double…but the kids are so excited after school is finished this morning. Blake, Camye and Paul are making cookies for their class at co-op. Chloe is getting a little old for that, but she has to bring a red/white/blue snack for her class (my World War 2 class) we are making red velvet cupcakes with white icing and blue sprinkles.
3. Any man or woman who has ever fought for this country. I have been studying World War 2 and have been blind sighted with what most of our military have done for this country.
4. For those cute things that kids say…the kids each have a savings jar..that they save part of their allowance in for long term savings. Blake said to me yesterday…Mom you know what I am saving for…I said What…he said my DEBT..I said what debt?… He said the debt Obama is passing to the Senate that will make your children and grandchildren pay it back!!!!! LOL!! Can you tell where this family stands????
5. Healthy Children- As it is very well known..I am a total health nut..but I do like to brag and say that no one in this family has been on an antibiotic since June of 2006…almost 3 years. Praise God.
6. Spring- It will be here March 20th….That is just 5 short weeks away. We just had 3-4 days of warm spring weather. I usually get the blues in January and February. But not this year…it has been a great winter!! Lots of beautiful snow!!!
7.Homeschooling- Homeschooling brings me more joy than I could ever describe in words.
8.Knee Socks- In the biggest annoyance is cold ankles or calves. So I had 2 pairs of knee socks I was constantly wearing, only this year Blake filled my stocking with all sorts of crazy looking knee socks to keep my ankles warm!! I love them!!
9. Ebay- I just love shopping..mostly browsing at other peoples stuff.
10. Electric- I am so thankful we have electric this morning. All the school districts around us were cancelled due to electric outages and all the down trees from the high winds we are experiencing. But we are still lit up..:):)
Okay thats it..not too exciting!!!

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!!!

  1. Good list – that’s funny about Blake’s spending….Way to go on the antibiotic thing! Wish I could say the same, but with the amount of ear infections we get around this place, antibiotics are our friends! Good luck on the Valentine’s idea – let me know what you come up with.

  2. What a wonderful list! Thanks so much for joining in…i hope you have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!Ps. I’m going to add you to Mr. Linky so that others can find your TT post, too.

  3. Hey, girl! Thanks for the comments on my list. Don’t know where we’re headed yet on our date – we both said it depended on where our weight stood by then :). I probably won’t “buy” Mark a present – he says there’s only one thing he wants (omit details here) 😉 Just like a man…Where will you all go??

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