Valentine’s Parties and ramblings…

Today was our co-op Valentines Parties. Lots of fun!!! ONLY..I didnt get to see many of them because I was screening a movie all morning.:(..Not much fun…but someone had to do it. Camye and Blake made Valentines sugar cookies for their class. Blake’s with red sprinkles and Camye’s with pink sprinkles….they said they had lots of fun. The only pics for them was the preparing for the party at home yesterday:)

I didnt get to be in Paul’s preschool class at all today…because I was busy with the movie. So I when I picked him up from class, He was very upset. I said,  “What is wrong?” He said,  “someone gave me a rabbit that I made but it isnt mine.” So I went to find his teacher and find out about his little rabbit made out of construction paper that just had him so distraught. She said, “She didnt know what was wrong, that was his rabbit and his name is on it.” He turned it over and said, “those are not the letters for my name.” The teacher or a helper had written Paul in a hurry and only the “P” and “L” looked like “his” letter. He pointed to the the “P” and the “L” and said, “Those are in my letters but the two in the middle are scribbles and they dont go in my name.!!!” LOL!! I apologized and took the rabbit.

As soon as we got in the car I asked him did you have a nice Valentines Day party? He replie, “No.” I said,  “why?” He replied, “I didnt want to have a nice time because they wanted me to give away my Valentines and they were all mine and had my name on them.!!!!!” He is really into the letters of his name…:):) Okay…….I think I will attend the next few parties with him until he gets the hang of it..LOL!!

This is a picture of part ofmy 6th-8th grade class. We are studying World War 2. They were told for extra credit on their test to bring in a Patriotic Snack to share with the class. This was one of my 6th grade boys snack, a rice krispie snack iced, I was pretty impressed as it even had 50 stars.
Today we studied the attack on Pearl Harbor, 2 weeks ago during class we watched a movie on the Nazi Concentration Camps and had one child snoring. I was proud to say that today these kids were so upset by what had happened at Pearl Harbor and were excited to learn about what was next in the war.

And yes by looking at some of these kids,  it does appear we even have homeboys in the homeschool world.!!!! 

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