Ever been in a pit?

I have been, many many times..in different pits. Sometimes, it is a mind pit…my mind will play tricks on me, making me think things that I know are not true and to others I am sure would seem ridiculous and possibly I need mental help…well maybe not that bad. LOL!!
I am studying tonight for a Ladies class I am teaching for a friend. My topic Waiting on God for Deliverance from Beth Moore’s book Get Out of That Pit.

“But smooth living invariably, eventually, makes for sloppy spirituality.”
I thought this was an interesting thought. Sometimes in our comfortable little spirtual life, we get lazy. But God wants more..he wants all of us. So maybe when we are in a pit..whether that be if we slipped in, stepped in slowly, got shoved in or jumped in that pit, we could possibly take that as a compliment from God. We get comfortable and God wants us. He wants us…all of us.  He wants us to lean on him and have conversation with him. 
It takes two to tango, even out of a pit.
Sometimes it takes a fiery trial to light the fire in our souls. Every pit I have ever slipped out of…has only increased my love for the Lord and his greatness, has only increased my want to talk with God in prayer…

4 thoughts on “Ever been in a pit?

  1. I am so glad you are my friend! You are not a lot of fluff! You have a brain, a relationship with Christ and I am glad we can grow along in this life as friends. If we only knew what we know now when we were much younger……..Stacey

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