Monday’s Menu Post

I usually share my weekly menu’s with several friends and family that do read this blog so I thought I would blog it since most of you read my blog.:):)

I dont claim to be a great chef..I just have to feed my family and like variety and I love to cook and bake!!! So why not plan it…since I plan every other aspect of my life.:):)
Sunday-Kennys’ InFamous Tator Tot Casserolle(He just created this)
Monday- Roast, Potatoes and Carrots
Tuesday-Chicken Penne Pasta
Wednesday- Beef Tacos
Saturday-Chicken lasagna
Enjoy! :):)

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Menu Post

  1. YUM! Makes me hungry just looking at it! I, too, plan the week’s meals ahead. I had leftover spaghetti on tap for tonight, but Mark came home and said, “Let’s do Mexican!” Being the submissive wife that I am, it’s off to the local Mexican restaurant for us!! :o) I’m such the weaker vessel…!!!!

  2. I just love submitting at those times!!LOL!!Aww..there would have been enough. I to wish you all lived closer. I have a friend who is always babysitting for her niece and nephew and always think I wish my nieces and nephews live that close too:):)

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