Thankful Thursday!!

Okay…I have missed this event to blog about for 2 weeks. I remember this time.:) So here are my top ten things I am most Thankful!!!

1. I am sooooo thankful for God- I am so thankful for the Lord and all he did, does and will continue to do.
2. I am sooo thankful for My hubby- The most understanding, patient man in the world…lovesme  despite my emotional outburst…loads of tears…I am eternally grateful God brought this man in my life.
3. I am so thankful for My kids- Chloe- for being my little clone, Blake- for being my little helper, Camye-for being my little princess and Paul-for being my baby
4.I am so thankful for My family- I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful parents, grandparents, brothers,aunt, uncles  inlaws, nieces, nephews, cousins.
5. I am thankful for sleeping in until 8:47 this morning!!!!
6. I am thankful for hearing Camye and Blake’s sweet voices practicing their bible reading and song leading this morning…brings me to tears everytime.
7.I am thankful for Dark Chocolate.
8. I am thankful for the sunshine that was shining in my windows this morning!!
9.I am thankful for my husbands warmth at night to warm my freezing toes and nose!!!
10. I am thankful for Wii Fit..that has me working out everyday now.:)
Thats it for this week..:):) Well I really could go on and on..But I am sure everyone doesnt read that..LOL!!

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!!

  1. I just saw this post! I’m so sorry I missed it! You have a great list of things to be thankful for!!!Your blog is super cute and I’m going to follow it now.Thanks for joining in. I hope you join us again for Thanksgiving THursday this week!

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