Home School International Fair 2009

Soo..this is why I havent been online very much this week. We have been working getting ready for our Annual Home School Internation Fair. This year we chose Israel. Because my wonderful mother in law went there last March and brought back all sorts of artifacts. In fact the entire display (with the exception of a few maps, flags and food), she loaned us the entire set up!! It made my job alot easier. I have been quite lucky..last year we did Okinawa, Japan..where my sister in law is from and we used things that she has sent to us.

Here we are with my great friend Stacey…who put this all together and kept it together even with the passing of her father shortly after she arrived. Kudos to you Stace!!!
My little blonde hair blue eyed Jewish boys….what would Hitler think? The perfect race in Yarmacas….
This is Myself, Stacey and Heather…we have this pic taken annually at the Internation Fair. Stacey is very pregnant for #5  this year…so we put her in the middle and she looks really slender:):) Our plan worked:)
Camye and her good friend Jesse Walton.

Anyways..it was great fun!!! We had so much filling out our passports as we visited each country. Everyone did such an awesome job~!!!!!

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