Say Cheese!!!

Okay I have been tagged…..for the Say Cheese event!!

How many of you wonder what the person behind the post is looking like at that moment? Well, now is your chance to find out. If you are “lucky” enough to be tagged, take a picture of yourself as is today (or have someone take it for you like I did), post it, tell 5 things about what we “see”, and tag 4 other people to do the same. Make sense? Here is mine:

Okay this was taken this afternoon around 3, after a stressful, emotional draining morning. Blake took it for me.  I missed the Thankful Thursday event…and thought I better get back into it with the Cheese event!! So here is me Saying CHEEEESSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. First, I see that I am wearing one of my fave sweaters from my fave stores Gabriel Brothers. This sweater is really not very flattering.LOL!!

2. I see on my charcoal colored shirt where Paul tried to hold onto me as I was trying to leavehim in the preschool class at our homeschool co-op….stretching the neck out nicely. 😉

3. I also think my hair looks a little green…I think it is time for some highlights..Its about time…I think its about Spring time….(ignoring the 10 inches of snow on the ground).

4.  I love to wear big bulky sweaters in the winter..I feel warmer in them.

5. I also notice that I need to clean the top of my fave candle Pumpkin Spice because there is black soot around it.

Okay there you goo…..I challenge…..Kimberly, Stacey, Heather and Blake:):)

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