Plans..why do I make them???

First of all I am a planner..I have 3 calanders…an event planner on my phone and a pocket calander. All of these I keep up to date.

Okay….I made plans to got down and visit my parents and grandparents. I rescheduled our life group (usually meets at our house Sunday evening)…rearranged some other plans…so that I could go down on Sunday afternoon and go to church with my parents on Sunday night. I planned to stay until Tuesday at 4pm so that we could get home for Chloe to go to youth group at 7pm.
Well…let me back up a little. We are a very close knit family. We dont usually take trips unless we are all together and havent even taken a small trip without daddy since September and that was for 2 days to my parents.
Here goes….
So when we were packing up to leave..we were all telling Daddy goodbye..and how much we would miss him, as we pull out of our drive way, Chloe is saying maybe I should stay here so Daddy isnt so sad. I said its okay..we will be back Tuesday. 2 minutes later I look in my rear view mirror to Camye….sobbing….I mean SOBBING….I said what is wrong?? She says I need Daddy….so we called him and he got her settled down. We got to my parents around 4pm….Paul has a toothache..a TERRIBLE toothache…so I stay home with him while my parents take the other 3 to church. When they get home..CAmye is sobbing again..she has a headache. She then goes to bed and falls asleep at 7pm, Paul had been alseep since 5pm. Its 11pm..I cant sleep. Luckily neither can my we text until 12:15…kind of fun and romantic. Finally I go to sleep..Paul wakes up at 1am….stays awake till 4am……we then both sleep till 7am. And he is up for the day…..I am exhausted. My throat feels funny…I just feel terrible. BUT I go visit my mamaw for about 3 hours….had a wonderful visit and then went to visit my other grandparents. By 4pm…my voice was gone. That night went to dinner at Bob Evans with 2 cousins and my aunt….we whispered the whole time. Planned on going to see my mamaw again…too sick by the time I get back from dinner. GO to bed MOnday night and sleep WONDERFULLY!! BUt wake up ….very sick….cant breathe….cant speak…my whisper voice was gone. I get laryngitis twice a year. AND it snowed 4 inches…but I had to get home….so my dad took the kids to see my mamaw….I didnt get to see any of my grandparents but the one time. I really did have to come home… I have a full schedule…blog more about all that later.:)
Anyway..I made it home…We have a winter storm coming tonight. I am actually glad…helps me to stay home and get all the things done I need to get done. I love just family days at home. I was so relieved to just see my hubby and the kids were so glad too. Although we love to visit Gran and just didnt go as smoothly as I planned. SO I will probably make another trip in a few weeks.
I can laugh now….but when it was all going on. I was like why didnt we just stay home??LOL!!! But at least I got a little visiting in….
Sorry no pics…didnt feel so well and forgot to take any.

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