25 Random Things about ME

Thanks Stephanie! My cousin tagged me and I am glad as I needed something to blog about.

1. I have a WONDERFUL, talented, handsome hubby named Kenny Rogers. He truelly is the love of my life.

2. We have 4 Fabulous children together Chloe Jade-12, Kennith Blake-9, Camye Renee-8 and Austin Paul-3.

3. We have two dogs…Maltese/Shihztu’s Tex and Penny. We have 47 hens. We have a little turtle that is as least 8 years old. We are very attached.

4. I homeschool our kiddos. We have so much fun with it.

5. I teach at our homeschool co-op. Last semseter my friend Tammie and I taught World War 1 and this semester we teach World War 2. We teach the 6th-8th graders. We find this sort of topic to be rather depressing and find ourselves tearing up quite often and have decided next year we may teach a class on Rainbows and Flowers. Much more uplifting.:)

6. I have lost 50 pounds in the last two years. I have no problem losing the weight. Its maintaining it that is my issue. I really like to eat. So I have resorted to eating extremely healthy but counting Weight Watcher points to maintain.

7. I have 2 brothers, Rob and Wes.

8. I am at my parents this evening but home from services because Paul is sick ..or should I say screaming with a toothache. he has oral surgery on February 17th. I am able to blog because he passed out…well maybe just fell asleep.

9. I love to plan our family menus and grocery shop. I love Sam’s Club.

10. I have awesome friends.

11. I love Panera Bread and Olive Garden.

12. I have been trying to get in the habit of studying my bible every day. I do have 2 devotion books that I have read everyday since January 1st. I hope to continue that.

13. I love to bake, cook, garden, scrapbook, quilt, sew, and read.

14. I read about 2 fiction books per week.

15. I am currently in 3 different bible studies with 3 different books. That really keeps me reading. But it helps keep me in the word.

16. My husband and I are working together to improve each others self esteem. We both think each other need to have higher self esteem.

17. I love the song These Are the Days of Elijah.

18. I collect cookbooks.

19. My hubby and I have a date night once a month, but would love to up this to once a week. Maybe when the kids get older…or when we have more time.

20. I love being a stay at home mom. I mean truelly feel like the luckiest person alive to stay at home.

21. I love that my hubby gets home at 4:30.

22. I am humming the song We Bow Down…have been all day.

23. I love my grandparents, actually all my family. I am greatly blessed with a loving family.

24. I love when it is early spring, kind of a cool morning and I am awaken by birds singing in my open bedroom window.

25. I love bubble baths.

Okay there you go…pretty random..But I tag, Heather, Stacey and my sister in law Kimberly..although I dont know if she reads my blogs.

3 thoughts on “25 Random Things about ME

  1. LOL!!! Hmm….I am usually home because it has been sooo cold at our house. I am at my parents until Tuesday…then another snowstorm..so we will be home for the rest of the week.:):) I am going to check your list:):)

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