Camye’s Webkinz Birthday Party….lots of fun!!

Well her party was a success. She had 10 little girls come to the party. They all had such great time. They made webkinz sleeping bags, which was total success. I had helpers here Chloe and 2 of her friends, so that took the load off of me and I was able to visit and work on other party things.
As you can notice in all the pictures.. Paul was all over the place! He hung on every girl who sat by Camye when it was their turn. He was the life of the party. I am not sure what go into him. It was hilarious. He did get in the box and was even stuck there for awhile.
The weather is slowly turning bad here. It is icing (as I like to call it)(sleet), icicles hanging off all the branches. And we are supposed to get 4-5 inches on top of the ice. SOoo…very slippery. Kenny drives in any getting church tomorrow HOPEFULLY wont be a problem.
But Chloe is supposed to go ice skating tonight with the teens..that may be a problem. I hope not for her sake.
Today we are just hanging around the house. Kenny and I signed up for NetFlix the other night because we had paying a fortune to rent from Blockbuster lately. As most of you know I teach a WW2 class this semester, so we renting all those we can find. Although our first delivery came today….and was a chic flick!! And Blake wanted to rent Space Chimps…thanks to Parker:)

5 thoughts on “Camye’s Webkinz Birthday Party….lots of fun!!

  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Kinlee wants to know if she got any Webkinz. Did you say WW2 class as in World War 2?! If so, I am impressed – history is NOT my forte’!!!

  2. LOL!! History is really the one class I am comfortable teaching to the 6th-8th grade. Tell Kinlee Camye got 5, the purple dragon, blue fish, blue hippo, sea horse and Love frog. She also got the Ballet outfit and the Brides outfit for her webkinz She was ecstatic!!

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