My letter is "T"

My cousin Stephanie gave me a letter to write 10 things about….this is a very hard letter for me. Okay here goes..

1. Trip- Today Kenny and I were discussing when and where we are taking our 10 year anniversary trip too. AND it looks like a cruise!! YAY!!
2.Taco Soup- My cousin Stephanie put the recipe on her blog the other day and we had it for supper. Definetly something we will fix again. Everyone loved it.
3. Taste of Home- I just bought their new cookbook at Walmart yesterday. The new baking one. I love it!
4.Teaching- I did teach today..lots of fun. We are working toward the International Fair on January 31st and our country is Israel.
5. Tulips- These are what I wish were popping up in my flower beds right now. But I can really see anything but..
6. Tons of Snow- Yes we have about 4 inches of snow and it is still coming down.
7.Tennis on the Wii- A very very fun game..and great workout.
8. Talking- I couldnt function without talking. I love to talk all the time. When I am cleaning, taking a bath, gardening…anything. I probably call Kenny 15 times a day at least.
9. Today- We are snowbound. They even cancelled church. First time since we moved here over 3 years ago. After school, we baked all day. Not too much outside time right now because of the tempature. It was 3° when we got up…LOL!! That was 8am!!
10.Tomorrow-We have school…I am sure we will be snowbound again. I will work on laundry.

This little game was fun!. It made me really look at me and think of different things. Want a letter too? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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