Not too much going in the Rogers household..just the usual busy stuff. It seems January is a slow month but this year has been one thing after another. We are trying to wrap up our Lads to Leaders programs. Chloe is doing a scrapbook. I have to say I may be partial but I think it is really good. I had a progressive dinner at my house (well the white elephant gift and main course was at my house)for my MOPS was alot of fun.

. We are using this new curriculum for Camye, to learn how to manuever around the kitchen a little better. She is having great fun learning to make frency toast and cinnamon toast and several other things.

A VERY large group of people (LOL) from our church go bowling every 1st Friday…lots of fun. The kids have a great time..Camye spends alot of time in the bathroom giggling with friends in this little setting room..but she did come out to bowl one game. Paul LOVES to bowl and has soo much fun. He is more into than the others..they are more into socializing. Wonder where they get that from????

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