Christmas Morning….it has arrived!!!

Christmas morning was soo fun!! I was the first one up!!! I couldnt believe the kids were up at 6:30…whats wrong with these kids?? Actually was up cooking for my Mamaws Christmas get together later… The kids were sooo much fun to watch as they ran down the stairs to the tree.

The kids were so thankful for all their gifts… especailly for the Wii that Uncle Nathan and Aunt Natalie for them….that we all immediatly had to take our turn for tennis and bowling. Of course Kenny and I had to check out first to make sure that it was safe for the kids and all.

Other than the Wii…the kids fave gifts were…although they loved everything..
Chloe- digital camera, her long awaited Aeropostale clothes, webkinz

Blake- digital camera, night vision goggles and Pokemon cards, webkinz

Camye- digital camera, DS My little pony game and her webkinz

Paul- Little Einstein laptop, Leapster 2

Thank you to everyone!! We are so blessed with wonderful families!!

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