The rest of the day….

After Christmas morning, we run off to Mamaws and have to get their by 1. Always such fun..we have went to my Mamaws since I can remember every Christmas.It always bring such wonderful memories. My all time favorite memory was my Papaw Wells in his red pants handing out all the Christmas presents..with his grandchildren crowded around. This year my dad and Uncle Doug handed them out. My mamaw always hands out gifts that are a memory to him. This year the kids recieved coins that belonged to him……okay now I am crying….

We had such great fun, food and family time. Some of the pics are just candid…I just love my family. After visiting at my mamaws, went to my parents to open a MASSIVE amount of wonderful gifts and visit with my other Mamaw and Papaw.Then we went home and crashed…………………..

4 thoughts on “The rest of the day….

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