Christmas Eve….family fun

Well Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning..I always insist we are home with the family. Anyone is welcome here..but I want the kids to wake up on in their beds and come down to their living room and their Christmas tree. Although I do say always…we are currently discussing being in Texas for Christmas next year. But our norm is….we are home.

We are very blessed because we have soooo many people that buy for our kids. So we like to spread it out some….so on Christmas Eve we open presents from Kenny’s side….they do open their traditional Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. Blake made date/nut balls for Mamaws and I did make Kennys favorite sour cream fudge.

Aunt Kimberly, Uncle Tom, Alycia, Elizabeth and Austin came thru with some great crafts sets for the girls and a crochet project book for the girls, a magnetic puzzle set for Paul and a Pokemon marble case with marbles…pleasing everyone greatly…
Kenny’s mom and dad…bought Chloe, Blake and Camye a devotional book and ornaments…and a few other items…that we hid till Christmas morning…will tell more later. Paul recieved Boz, a Boz DVD and the Littel Einsteins laptop to which he yells….MY OWN LAPTOP!!! Kenny’s dad, Ken…had my name and I received the Chronological Bible and a Beth Moore devotional. Which I loved both!
Uncle Nathan, Aunt Natalie and Lucille…..ALWAYS ALWAYS buy the coolest….top everyone elses presents. Not just for us…for anyone they buy for…its kind of well known fact that Uncle Nathan and Aunt Natalies presents are always the long awaited present. But this year it was soooo awesome…we made the kids wait until Christmas

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