Christmas Crafts and More….

Okay so I just liked this picture and wanted to add it. It was before bible study last night:)

Okay so I stole this idea from my cousin Stephanie, check out her blog “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”, her and her mother (my Aunt Jo) are the craftiest people I have ever known in my life. Anyways I loved this idea, and I think she realizes I am craft challenged and doesnt mind that I do this.>LOL!!! I made these for friends and the kids bible class teachers and co-op teacher.:)

Below are pics of our Reindeer Food and Snowman Soup the kids made for their friends at co-op and church.

We had lots of fun working all day long (after school of course) on these crafts and baking cookies. Today we need to finish decorating cookies and will blog more in the morning!!!:):)

Have a wonderful day!!

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