Decorating Cookies and Jingling…

Just a quick blog…

Well we finally finished decorating cookies…with 4 kids…it takes an awful lot of cookies. But it was great fun!!

…we went jingling..that was a blast!! The kids were so much fun..I was the driver…at the first house…a little slow..because we had to go twice because we didnt know that there doorbell was broken. The second house some friends from church..we had a little more confidence. We were up by the door, all there lights were on. Our plan was to ring and run..well these were Chloe’s friends and I think she wanted to get caught. She ran and hid really close to the front door. But nothing…so we went and rang again…everyone was back to the van but Chloe and GUESS WHO pulls in the driveway!! You guessed it….they did. And they yell Hey guys!! Come on in…I was so scared and nervous..I just pulled away!!! But then called her later to apologize…we had a good laugh. Then on to the Walton’s..that was the most fun for Kenny and I …the kids ran and then hid behind their suburban. Richard and the girls open the door and Jesse leans out and picks up the ornament and jingling papers. Richard stands there looking around….even though he had to have heard giggling from behind the suburban..but then Sadie came out and said Mommy (Molly was at work)…LOL!! Richard says..that ain’t Mommy..LOL!!! And they go back we havent been jingled back…but I wont be surprised if we are.

My mom, brother and I went to finish up Christmas shopping. We first went to our favortie outlet mall, Tanger Outlets in Washington. They are fairly new. But lots of great deals…clearance at TCP and Gymboree was great. I love those $2.99 and under deals:)

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