Not really alot too type about today…just wanted to put our latest family pic on…..our friend Richard got here for life groups a little early and I wanted some pics in front of the family tree. Our Christmas family pics are a little late this year due to Paul’s black eye (thanks to Blakes knee). We have those done on Thursday at Target. But I dont get them till Christmas Eve…so needless to say maybe they will be Happy New Year cards??:)

…Nothing too eventful happened today…although Paul said the cutest thing to me in services this morning. He was sitting on my lap and I was taking the bread during communion and a small piece fell on my lap. He picks it up and eats and say very LOUDLY..hmmmm…very cheesey mommy.!!! Kenny runs our power point during it has been very eventful with 4 kids and just me. LOL!! Just kidding..they are fine….its just easier with a manly influence sitting beside me.
I have a new phrase…Kenny says I create sayings or words all the time..but our congregation has such awesome classes going on right now…I told Kenny I felt so bibically stimulated. He said in other words you are feeling encouraged..oh yes that!!!
I have a new fave church song…These Are the Days Of Elijah…I just love that song!!
We had game night the other are few pics from that as well.

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