What We Woke up to This Morning????

Last night, Kenny and I decided to brave the freezing rain and head out for a date night….it was soo pretty. Globs of slushy ice were coming down…we did go out for a few hours…to my fave restaurant Panera Bread and went Christmas shopping at Walmart and Gabes.
Well….Blake woke me up this morning to help him to type his paper for co-op!! I looked outside and said there is no way there is co-op!! We had 3 1/2 inches of snow this morning..we may have still had co-op but I knew we had 1-2 inches of ice before the snow fell last night.
So we are home today, no school..no co-op…just a day off!!! YAY!!! The kids went sledding…here are some pics to enjoy!! The kids are having alot of fun….Chloe isnt in any of the pics..because by the time Paul and Camye got outside…she had gotten her feet wet and came in the house..LOL!!
Something Camye and I have been working on all morning is her birthday party…its January 9th and its A Webkinz Sleepover…feel free to leave me any ideas. But you must sign in..hint hint..I know some of you are reading but not creating a blog yourself!!
…yes I know my 3 year old is a boy..but his sisters hand me down pink and purple snowsuit fits perfectly!!!!

2 thoughts on “What We Woke up to This Morning????

  1. Hey, girl! I am jealous for your snow!!! Here are a couple of ideas that we did at Kinlee’s party: 1. we made Webkinz sleeping bags out of fleece (you know – I cut the “fringe” and they tied the sides together). If you need more details, let me know. 2. I made a Wheel of Wow game and a Wacky Bingo game that we played.3. We got “fun foam” crowns and letters and they made crowns for their Webkinz. 4. We got pipe cleaners and beads, and they made collars for their pet. 5. We gathered lots of small doll clothes, Webkinz clothes, and American Girl clothes and they dressed up their pet, got their pic. made in front of the Xmas tree, and I had the pics. developed for them to get in the mail with a Thank You note on the back. Let me know if you need specifics…..

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