Rush, Rush, Wait, Wait, Wait..all worth it in the end!

    That is the adoption game I am playing right now…I rush to finish and overnight paperwork and wait for a response. Then I get the response, to only find out that I missed turning in my kids medical reports!!

    I thrive on paperwork, I find myself insulted that I missed this.

    Please pray that I can find a doctor to see my 4 beautiful kiddos and sign a paper saying they are as healthy as I know they are!

    We did recieve a fabulous update on our little girl today:

    She can count to 5!! yes she is only 2 years old!!

    She enjoys inviting her foster family to the table and asking if anyone would like coffee.

    She loves strawberries.

    She likes her foster mother to peel her orange.

    She is almost completely caught up developmentally.

    She loves to laugh, dance and sing. Wow I love my little girl!:)


    Also I have a personal goal to encourage 10 people to adopt, so far I have 3 friends that are considering it and 1 who just started her homestudy!! If you are considering adoption, I would love to chat with you!:):)


    I am officially the worst blogger ever. I do have a good excuse though…I HATE DIAL UP!! I have become so spoiled with my Iphone that I dont really even ever sit down at the computer. It just takes so long…bleh bleh..I take my laptop to church and use their wireless to download pics. I havent even done that since school has started.

    So I will do a few updates today…

    First I will tell you about me..I have been running and running crazy with kids. Doctor appointments (more later), Soccer, Co-op, Church, and just life itself. I am so blessed to be living the life I want to live. I have been teaching the 3rd-4th graders on Sunday morning which as been such a blessing;those kids just love learning about God. On Wednesday nights, I am in the most wonderful Ladies Bible study and we are studying Esther. On Tuesday mornings, another ladies class is studying women of the bible. Can I say I am so blessed? To have this many bible studies and it is just so uplifting.

    I am also teaching Revolutionary War to 6th-8th graders. That age is my favorite age to teach. They are so willing to learn.

    I also teach the Teen Girls at our co-op. I have 10 girls that are absolutely amazing girls. We are studying the book A Young Girl after God’s Own Heart. But I am teaching this for a full year so I am adding in all sort of books….
    Raising Maidens of Virtue
    Boy Meets Girl
    I Kissed Dating Goodbye
    Secret Diary Unlocked
    Lies Young Women Believe
    and the list truly goes on…

    This class has really been such a blessing to me and to help me grow so much.