I am officially the worst blogger ever. I do have a good excuse though…I HATE DIAL UP!! I have become so spoiled with my Iphone that I dont really even ever sit down at the computer. It just takes so long…bleh bleh..I take my laptop to church and use their wireless to download pics. I havent even done that since school has started.

So I will do a few updates today…

First I will tell you about me..I have been running and running crazy with kids. Doctor appointments (more later), Soccer, Co-op, Church, and just life itself. I am so blessed to be living the life I want to live. I have been teaching the 3rd-4th graders on Sunday morning which as been such a blessing;those kids just love learning about God. On Wednesday nights, I am in the most wonderful Ladies Bible study and we are studying Esther. On Tuesday mornings, another ladies class is studying women of the bible. Can I say I am so blessed? To have this many bible studies and it is just so uplifting.

I am also teaching Revolutionary War to 6th-8th graders. That age is my favorite age to teach. They are so willing to learn.

I also teach the Teen Girls at our co-op. I have 10 girls that are absolutely amazing girls. We are studying the book A Young Girl after God’s Own Heart. But I am teaching this for a full year so I am adding in all sort of books….
Raising Maidens of Virtue
Boy Meets Girl
I Kissed Dating Goodbye
Secret Diary Unlocked
Lies Young Women Believe
and the list truly goes on…

This class has really been such a blessing to me and to help me grow so much.