"A Young Girl After God’s Own Heart’ Co-op Bible Class

I had the honor of teaching our high school girls bible class this year at our homeschool co-op. Today was our last day, and it was bittersweet. I have learned so much about all these girls. They are beautiful and love the Lord so much. I am blown away that this generation of young girls can be so mature in wanting to know about God’s word and being so aware of his infinite grace.

We used so many great books. The class was based around the book, A Young Girl After God’s Own Heart. We also used many of Dannah Gresh’s books, The Bride Wore White, The Secret Keeper, Secret Diary of a Teenage Girl and many many more.

Last Friday, the boys class came to our girls class and invited them all to lunch this afternoon. It was great fun!:)

I also want to thank my helpers, 3 of my best friends, Tonya (avid blog stalker), Stacey and Allison. Thank you!!!:)

This has been by far the most fulfilling co-op class I have ever taught, I feel I learned more than the girls did. They truly are Young Girl’s After God’s Own Heart.

A Camye update…

Camye is doing wonderful and is currently not injured. Althought there for a while I did tell her to sit on the couch and not to move a muscle. At the moment she says her ankle is hurting and I am pretending its not.

Camye is doing great in school and enjoying life. She loves her friends, writing letters, and writing stories about our puppies. She is currently begging for layers in her hair./?? She is starting to care about clothes. We recently attended a Secret Keeper Girl Live show and she was so grown up their with her friends. I am so proud of her.

At co-op she is taking…
Natural Disasters