My School Plan 2009-2010

This will be my 9th year of homeschooling. Seems like I just started yesterday!!! And I have finally been bitten by the Back to School bug….I was getting a little worried as it is almost starting time again and I hadn’t really felt like getting organized. Even though I already had all my curriculum, I hadn’t written out my plan.

So here it is…

Chloe—8th Grade

Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra
Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science
Writing Strands Level 3 and 4
Living Books from Queens Homeschool ( Streams to the River to the Sea and Mr Revere and I)
Wordly Wise
Spelling Power
MFW History, Geography, Science
From co-op:
Literature (reads 6 classics), Art Appreciation, Us Government, Medieval Times, Gym, Science

Blake— 5th Grade

Math U See Delta
Apologia Botany (1st Semester) and Apologia Astronomy (2nd semester)
Writing Stands Level 2
Spelling Power
Explode the Code Level 4
Easy Grammar
Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 2 by Queens
Universal Cursive Writing
MFW History, Geography, Science
From co-op:
Medieval Times, PA history, Gym, Space Program, People and Places, Intro to Physics

Camye —-3rd grade
Math U See Gamma
Apologia Botany and Apologia Astronomy
Explode the Code
Spelling Power
Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 1 by Queens
Universal Cursive
MFW Science, History and Geography
From co-op:
Gym, MFW Geography, Intro to Writing, History (Christian Heros), Art, Magic School Bus


I dont usually push my kids do to do “school” until Kindergarten. BUT Paul says he must get ready for kindergarten….so here is what he will be doing.

Kumon Cutting and Pasting

Kumon Alphabet Games

Kumon Mazes (crazy for mazes)

Kumon Uppercase Letters

Rod and Staff’s preschool curriculum
That all may seem like alot!! But it really will all fit just perfectly… so now to get all my school supplies and prepared for my Medieval Times class I am to teach at our I will be ready to go. Oh and the dreaded scheduling of classes..ballet, soccer and music…