Blake’s First Deer!!!!

Blake went hunting with his dad, Uncle Rob and Uncle Wes on Thanksgiving day!! They headed to my brothers property (about 200 acres) …perfect for hunting and only about 5 minutes away from my parents. About 6pm, they pulled into my parents’ and Blake came busting into the house as proud as can be!!! Here are the pictures, and he is so cute!! He kept telling me how he kept getting Buck Fever and couldnt stop the shakes. My grandfather is 87 years old and gets buck fever everytime one comes into view of his scope. I think it’s cute:)
Here are the texts between Kenny and I. I love we having cell service out there now. We talk the entire time he is in the woods…

Hang on…Deer to kill

There was a young doe, barely 6 months old, and a spike out on his side…about 100yards away. The hunter looked around for others before clearing his throat, taking a calming breath, and settling into a comfortable firing position, and slowly took aim..

…The deer simply kept eating…not knowing he was in a hunter’s crosshairs…not realizing his very life was in peril. A love of corn might just be his downfall. Slow, steady trigger-pull… the jitters leaving at the hunter’s unspoken command. ….his finger, with machine-like fluidity, creeps ever closer to the point of release.

Slowly, …slowly…. Concentrating on the crosshairs, …focusing on the crosshairs….another breath without losing the pressure already built on the trigger..let out half…begin the pull again. Just like he’d done a thousand times before in training. They say it ought to surprise you when the hammer finally — ***BANG***!

The shot caught everybody present by surprise. Perfect. Deadly. The deer went down hard. Right where he stood…just like the hunter knew that he would. Bewilderment filled the spike’s furry face…a smile crept across the hunter’s. His quarry was his for the taking.

Let the record show that at 4:35pm on Thanksgiving, November 25th, in the year of our Lord two-thousand and nine, Blake “Crosshairs” Rogers downed a massive spike in Tyler County, WV. Witnesses present: his father (sworn to un-biasness), and the other deer…who now has more corn to eat (also recognized as un-biased).

Kenny being his creative self..:):)