First Day Of Homeschool Co-op

Our first day of co-op.

Everyone clean.

New clothes.

Perfect Backpacks.

Everyone has their snack.

Lets hope it continues.

This year we are homeschooling 12th grade, 9th grade, 7th grade, 3rd grade, K5 and K4… We also hope to add our little preschooler to our crazy crew by the end of the year if not then, early next year.

I have no idea why these photos are out of order but I can’t fix it!:) enjoy!

My sweet, first born Chloe Jade is a senior this year!! Days are filled not only with regular school work to get her diploma, working around 25 hours at a local restaurant, playing soccer, piano lessons but with college applications, scholarship applications, SAT and ACT prep!!!
She is growing up! And we are so proud of the woman she has become!

At Co-op this year Chloe is taking:
Industrial Revolution
Character building

My sweet Blakey is in high school! Loving being an official high schooler and platings soccer. He will be 14 next week and I couldn’t be prouder.
At co-op this year, Blake is taking:
Character Building
Bio Lab



My baby boy is Growing up!! Paul is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade! He is thriving this year! School comes a tad too easy to Paul so he gets bored easily. He will be starting violin on monday. He is loving the harder co-op classes this year!
PA history
Apologia Botany

My sweet Camye is 12 years old and in the 7th grade!! She is also starting violin on Monday! She was not all that excited about starting coop… But had a great day!
She is taking:
Crime Stoppers
Industrial Revolution


My sweet little Mia.. Sporting her new ‘do’ will be taking
Letters and Numbers
Before 5 in a Row


My sweet Avah girl has changed so much this year! She is learning her letters and numbers! And is able to learn!! She will begin violin lessons on Monday as well. She is in class with Mia and is also taking:
Letters and numbers
Before 5 in a row

Hope you have a wonderful school year! God bless!

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