I am in denial…

Last December, we had extra money in our HSA and had to spend it or lose it. we found an Entrolab and ordered food allergy testing for Paul, our 8 year old and Mia, our 4 year old. The results came back. Mia and Paul were both allergic to casein, egg, gluten among other things. The list was soooo long!!
We immediately jumped into a gluten, soy and dairy free diet. The behaviors that had been concerning had improved.

But then I started doubting… One well respected doctor we see said those tests can’t be trusted. Mia had her tonsils and adenoids out. Things got crazy and busy. I just couldn’t keep up with the diet.

Honestly I just wanted open a can of spaghetti-o’s and be done with it! I didn’t want to make the spaghetti-o’s out of a mix of rice and almond flour.
We are a super busy family! No time for that!

So here we are in August … 8 months later. We were seeing all the concerning behaviors return .. For several months now.

But I have figured out I am in denial.

And I need to get over it. We are adopting a little boy with a probable peanut allergy. So there is no denying that.

But gluten free requires a lot more planning and a different mind set than just buying anything you want in the grocery store and ordering anything you want off a menu. And especially in social situations it requires a whole new way of living.

Packing snacks when we go go go.. Which is a lot of the time!

Make a weekly plan of what you are going to eat…

A crockpot is a great idea because you can prepare the ingredients in the morning and not have it weighing heavy on your mind all day.

Think whole foods of meat, fish, veg, fruit, rice, eggs and dairy if these are okay for you. maybe some tortillas or gluten free wraps, Udi’s or Rudi’s bread. Smoothies for breakfast or a gluten-free cereal. If you have problems with dairy, almond and hemp milk are delicious, along with fruit.

Find some favorite fast gluten free foods to fall back on!!

It is all such a learning experience and seems so overwhelming at first.

It is what it is, and the less fuss you make about it, the less they will.

I bought a Costco membership… Because of the variety of gluten free and organic foods they carry.
Below are a few fab finds we have!


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